Lab Parties

Lab Parties

bulletOne of the first party (2001): we finished at the karaoke... Strange the first time!

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bulletGroup trip in Chiba - 2 days-trip, including drinking and heating, onsen (sorry, no pictures !), golf (first time for my boss, but he was quite good) and we finished with the visit of a zoo...

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Farewell party for Terada-sensei, who got a position as professor in Sendai.

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Bonenkai - end-of-the-year party 2001.

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Guess what the students and the sensei do after the party? They go back to work! Note that I only join to pick-up my computer and left for Roppongi a little later.

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Master's party in 2002, with Jim, a couple of days before he left Japan.

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My favorite drink : sho-chu!

020214 - master party 08.jpg (18028 bytes)

And my favorite master student Shiho - who unfortunately just will leave the group...
Wonder who is going to talk to me next months!

020214 - master party 12.jpg (22745 bytes)



And there is a picture of Shiho just after she got her Master in March 2002.



Finally, the two last parties from the lab... The Master 2003 one...

the Boss (with the list of the group members on the blackboard)




... and a "Special Bye-bye party"!


This closed my 26-months post-doc at the 東工大 in 大岡山, where I had the great pleasure - and honour - to work for 三上先生. And now the following will take place in 川越.