Lab Parties

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Let's start with a picture of my bench! OK, now, I have cleaned that a little bit...



Speaking of cleaning, here are the pictures of the annual lab cleaning. 2 days of work. But everybody is really involved in it, including the sensei...

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... the assistant-professor...

Lab cleaning - 03.jpg (47876 bytes)  Lab cleaning - 07.jpg (50001 bytes)

... and the rest of the lab members!

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Here are some pictures of very famous speakers!

mini-sympo BT.jpg (28806 bytes) mini-sympo CB1.jpg (24777 bytes) mini-sympo JL1.jpg (27813 bytes) TIT - conf Kundig1.jpg (32344 bytes)


Usually, the conferences were followed either by a dinner outside:

mini-sympo resto3.jpg (46155 bytes) mini-sympo resto6.jpg (50221 bytes) mini-sympo resto1.jpg (51351 bytes) mini-sympo resto4.jpg (38036 bytes)


... or even at Mikami's home.

 mini-sympo Mikami house3.jpg (42857 bytes) mini-sympo Mikami house4.jpg (38652 bytes)


For a sample of Christian's performance, please contact me!