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Nasu (with Joanna & Axel)   June 2005 (added 3rd September)

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Secret Japan
This is our new forum! A special one, however: Secret Japan is focusing on mini-guides for people traveling in Japan. Members are welcomed to write such mini-guides, for which pictures can be uploaded on the server, too. There are also discussion forums, where everything related to travels can be discussed and shared.

This forum is just starting, so we need your participation! Please join us on

Destination Onsen
This new web site is entirely dedicated to japanese hot springs. Discover the most fabulous onsen of the country, with many information (location, access, water, ...) and pictures. For your convenience, the hot springs are quoted, so you can immediately find which are our favorite ones. Search by features also available. Almost 100 onsen are described, many of them being mixed baths (konyoku)

Please note that this web has just moved to its new location,

Friend's page
Cedric's pages on Japan
From an amateur site, Cedric has transformed its web site on something quite nice, indeed. Lots of pictures and often updated. Since we spent at least 50% of our trip together, you might find similar pictures on this site and on his!
Friend's page
Céline & Patrick's pages on Japan
Another set of nice pages in French by Céline and Patrick, who left Japan a couple of months ago. Great stories, we also love the pamphlets! And liked the "De l'Usage du Français au Japon" page.
Forum Japon
If you are searching for a place to talk about Japan, this is the address. An incredible forum in French, with many members answering almost any question. Better than any enclyclopedia!
Discover Japan
qUirKy jAPan hoMepAge
Many interesting and funny stuff (including : useless people... there are many in Japan). This site also proposes many destinations that are not so often visited in Japan, and sometimes even not in guide books. All of them seems very appealing...

Other related link: Time Japan's article on unproductivity!

Discover Japan
Lots of news, information, links on Japan - often updates (in French)
Discover Japan
Karoshi Reports

The Japan like you would have never imagined. Absolutely amazing reading (in French). Unfortunately, the author left Japan.
Discover Japan
Chroniques nippones
Frequent reports by foreigners living in Japan (also in French).
Discover Japan
Le Japon pour pas un rond
This site, in French, is really attractive! How to survive in Japan without money... and what not to do! Lots of interesting information, funny stuff and examples that you should not reproduce (as I said, in French).
Learn Japanense
Kanji SITE
The Kanji SITE is the ideal address to check your knowlegde on kanji, and prepare for JLPT examinations.
Working in Japan
A Practical Guide to Working as a Scientist in Japan
Texts about life in Japan and work in a research lab.
Day's Trip Michelin
Lists the onsens located close to Tokyo, with map and pictures.
Free and other hot springs
Guide to onsens. Very complete, very informative (with mixed-rotemburo).
General, in Japanese
Some favourites links in Japanese... (by area and type - hidden, mountain, etc) (incredible number of onsen, searhable by type, on the map, etc) (specialized in onsen found in mountains) (with map)
Konyoku, in Japanese
Other links focusing on mixed baths, only in Japanese, too... (with hatsukashii scale) (with very good maps) (with good localisation maps)

Enjoy Japan
Outdoor Japan
Everything on outdoor activities in Japan - from onsen to hiking, including golf and scuba diving! Lots of practical information.
Enjoy Japan
JNTO practical travel guides
JNTO practical travel guides as pdf files on almost any destination in Japan. With lots of useful information and maps. You really should download then guides corresponding to the areas that interest you!
Enjoy Tokyo
Japan Rimes - festivals
Next festivals around Tokyo - to be sure to to miss the most important ones!
Enjoy Tokyo
A reference for restaurants in Tokyo.
Enjoy Tokyo
Yes! Tokyo
Information on the last events in Tokyo.
Enjoy Tokyo
Satellite view
Discover Tokyo from the sky. An incredible resolution, you can really locate any building!
Hotels & Ryokan
Japan Ryokan Association
Tocoo! is a very attractive system to reserve your hotel/ryokan in Japan. Great discounts, and service in English.
The Japan Ryokan Association proposes some great ryokan, with many pictures, all around Japan.
Two references for travellers.
Information on weather, specifically for typhoons (first link) and earthquakes (second link).
Smart link
MapFan (in Japanese)
To find immediately any address in Japan. Registered user can find car itineraries. Very complete and powerful.
Smart link
Yahoo! map
Find immediately a place in Japan from the address - also provides good maps.
Smart link
This famous free journal also provides information on restaurant, as well as movies, concerts, etc.
Smart link
Excellent travel agency with bilingual staff... the cheapest airfares, which can be checked directly online.
Smart link
Translation J - E
A page for immediate translation from English to Japanese, and from Japanese to English (you have to write in hiragana or katagana).
Smart link
Just copy the link of a web page in Japanese in the corresponding frame, and that page will appera with translation and kanji explanation. Very powerful.
Smart link
Hyperdia (in English)
InfoSeek (in Japanese)
To plan your travels in Japan... Now, both version are really fine to use. You need to use kanjis for the Japanese version, however.
Just links
A list of all free transportation passes you can find in Japan. Might render your trip much, much cheaper.
This journal peaks up all the weird news that are published in Japan... Updated daily. A special link discovered by JP! For abstracts, here is their page Only in Japan



Thanks to Cédric, Jean-Pascal, Jérôme, Joanna, Ling, Lukas, Patrick & Sam for sharing pictures with me !